What drives me?

My professional driver is that things can always be done better. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t being done well, just that there is always room for improvement. And that improvement is where I can help you do marketing better. 

And better means more sales, turnover and profit.

image of a laptop that says 'workhard anywhere' with a plant in the background
A top down image of a woman working on a laptop with a plant.

My skills.

I’m a strategic thinker that is focused on tasks, not just relationships. It means I’ll get what you need done and bring a change of culture around the task at the same time.

I’m a marketeer that also understands business and managing people. From marketing campaigns, to website development, content planning, design and print management, exhibitions and events, videos and direct mail.

Download my CV for the details or have a look at my background on LinkedIn.

My experience.

I’ve been working in marketing for 20 years across the public and private sector. I was instrumental in turning a small team of three into a 20 strong million pound plus marketing agency in the Midlands.

Since setting up in July 2022, I have helped optimise agencies across the Midlands, smooth agency/client relationships and deliver marketing for third-sector, IT and pharma.

I want to take what I’ve learnt from working in-house at international organisations and from the faster-paced agency-side to all businesses and help do marketing better.

I’m always learning, listening and looking to do things better too, I hope we can do that together.

Why get in touch?

Well, your first consultation is always free and no obligation. Schedule a call with me or complete the form below and I’ll be back in touch within a working day.